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Welcome to Awning-World

We are a family company from the North West of England.

Our passion is delivering you the right awning for the right price.

You'll notice a lot of our items are used.  So why do we focus mostly on used awnings?

To answer that you've got to ask why do people buy new?

Nobody wants the gamble that's associated with used awnings. At least with a new one you can guarantee all parts are present and it's not full of damage. It's got plenty of pictures so you can see exactly what your buying. Plus it will be the size it's advertised at and if there's a problem you can always just return it. Not only that but it can be delivered to your doorstep.

What if we could offer you the same level of service without the price tag?

A lot of our awnings are customer trade-ins when they upgrade the caravan. It's not that there's anything wrong with the awnings, in fact we find most are well looked after it's just it wont fit the new model of caravan or they just fancy a different model of awning to suit their current needs.

Each one of the awnings you see on our site has been put up to photograph and thoroughly inspected. It comes with our honest description of the current condition, the size of caravan it will fit and details of what other accessories are included in the sale.

We take the gamble of buying a used awning away and we are that confident in the products we sell that we give you 28 days to return if it's not up to standard.

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